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Ankur Gupta, Ph.D.


Every day we are bombarded with sensory information (Sensory), we process this information (Perception) and make appropriate decisions and make appropriate movements in response to the sensory inputs (Action). These specialized areas in the brain continuously interact with the environment to form a sensory-perception-action (SPA) loop. A dysfunction in any of SPA areas results in partial or total loss of motor functions. Therefore, movements provide a window to investigate the inner workings of the brain.

My research is directed towards understanding multimodal signal processing and the effect of augmented feedback in motor learning and motor disorders.

Towards this in the postdoc at Prof. Yifat Prut's Laboratory (Laboratory of Motor Control at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), I studied neuroplastic changes in the motor cortex of behaving primates and facial expression changes during unexpected rewarding/not-rewarding conditions.  During the Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy (Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, IIT Madras, India), I developed a computational model for grip force changes in Parkinson's disease patients. 

email:ankur.gupta[AT], ankur.gupta[AT]


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